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Confidentia has chosen the Google Pixel smartphones. This hardware features premium design and finishes, as well as the latest advances in mobile technology. An impenetrable phone, which also makes a statement.

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Confidentia replaced the base operating system of the phone with Confidentia OS, a proprietary and hardened Android OS.


  • Prevention of data leakage and protection against attacks
  • Monitors and alerts on risk level and device security
  • Hard disk encryption and physical extraction protection
  • Encrypted calls between secure phones
  • Encrypted messages with instant chats, time limited, groups and file attachments
  • Encrypted internet connection with persistent VPN, always active
  • Real-time detection of attacks related to the environment
  • Panic Mode functionality
  • Advanced system of alerts and countermeasures for security incidents
  • Permission policy system for Google Play
  • Secure communication integrated with native Android OS call and messaging icons
  • Application permissions spoofing, maintaining total usability
Cualquier app de forma segura Cualquier app de forma segura Cualquier app de forma segura

Secure calls

Call in green, with the peace of mind of impenetrable encryption

The Call function allows to make different types of calls easily identifiable by the color of the screen:

  • Secure Call

    Call issued between two Confidentia secure telephones. A totally encrypted call.

    Cualquier app de forma segura
  • Semi-Secure Call

    Call between a Confidentia secure phone and an unsafe phone. It encrypts the sender's call, but not the receiver's.

    Cualquier app de forma segura
  • Unsecure Call

    Voice call open to an unsafe phone. Traditional call, without additional security.

    Cualquier app de forma segura

Encrypted messages

Messages always encrypted, even without data
Cualquier app de forma segura
Cualquier app de forma segura
Cualquier app de forma segura
Cualquier app de forma segura

App management

Security with functionality. Use any APP safely
  • Allows the use of any Google Play application
  • Advanced access control for installed applications
  • Detection of applications background activity
  • Allows specific permissions for applications and prevents sensitive information leaks
  • Permissions that an APP does not require not be blocked. In order to allow the complete functionality of the app the system generates false information (spoofing)


The Confidentia phone implements security measures at each entry point. A hardened device with an extraordinary operating system

Security dashboard

A complete vision of the security and risk levels
  • Monitor in real time

  • Check your security posture

  • Configure the security of the phone

  • Usage statistics

Security dashboard

Security layers

Confidentia Secure phone is composed of a multilayer cybersecurity system, which allows you to prevent, detect and protect the phone against any type of mobile cyber-threat.

  • Encryption

    Robust 2048-bit RSA encryption

    Symmetric AES-256 session key

    Encrypted data-at-rest

    Encrypted data-in-transit

  • Protection

    Protection against malware, trojans and unauthorized remote access

    Enforce security policies

    Monitors risks in the environment

  • Prevention

    Prevent access to sensitive resources

    APP permissions system

    Monitors the behavior of the processes and blocks the illegitimate

  • Detection

    Wi-Fi attacks (MITM, ARP, SSL, ...)

    Network attacks (IMSI, GPS, 2G, ...)

    Physical extraction attacks

    System anomalies



A risk analysis engine with autonomous learning and multilayer mitigation capabilities.

Types of threats

  • Network Threats
  • Man-in-the Middle Wi-Fi Attacks (SSL Split/Strip, ARP Spoofing)
  • Unauthorized Wi-Fi access points (Rogue AP)
  • Malicious SSL certificates
  • Unencrypted network traffic
  • Malicious applications
  • Known malicious applications
  • Unknown or reconstructed applications
  • Device admin
  • Unknown sources or third party
  • Device anomalies
  • Root Android
  • USB Debugging
  • Evaluation of terminal vulnerabilities
  • Physical extractions

Panic mode

A resource of great utility for situations of maximum risk.

An alternative device access code activates the panic mode, protecting your data and your personal security.

  • 1. Normal mode

    The regular device code activates the normal environment of the phone.

    Normal mode
  • 2. Panic mode

    An alternative device code activates a second environment, that hides all your personal data, leaving your sensitive information, contacts, calls, messages and applications, out of reach of third parties.

    Panic mode
  • 3. Alert message

    The system generates an invisible alert that is sent to a predefined third party, who receives information, geolocation, photos, audio and video of the compromised person.

    Allows the third party to evaluate the risk situation in real time.

    Alert message
Normal mode
Panic mode
Alert message


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